The Pullback Workshop

The Pullback Workshop

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"Do you have a pullback of that?"

Why yes, yes we do! In fact, how about an entire start-to-finish live action pullback of every one of these poses? If you'd like to be a fly on the wall for an entire Newborn Nerds session, this is the workshop video for you. Almost two and a half hours of posing footage! Watch over our shoulders as we do every pose in our typical workflow, plus an extra, natural light "lifestyle" setup, all with our newest sweet little nerd baby as our model.

This workshop is NOT a step-by-step in depth explanation of every pose, though you CAN see every step of each pose. This is a "watch us pose", "fly-on-the-wall" type of workshop. For more in depth, detailed pose instruction and explanation, check out our individual pose tutorial videos!

**Includes a large video file download (4.5 GB). Please make sure you have a good internet connection, and it may take a while to download**