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    ORDERS WILL SHIP WITHIN APPROXIMATELY 1-4 WEEKS OF ORDERING. This item is handmade by a local seamstress, so with varying and sometimes large order volumes, we do not always have them on hand ready to ship immediately.

    We are phasing out the Butt Halo, to be replaced by our new universal posing tool, The Newborn Nest. Not only will the Nest work perfectly for the potato sack pose, exactly the same as the Halo, but it can also be used for all other table/beanbag poses. Go check it out!

    The Butt Halo is a newborn posing aid used under the backdrop in several poses - most notably the potato sack pose. It helps create the perfect nest for baby's butt (hence the name). Use it in tandem with our potato belt to achieve a perfect and secure potato sack pose, or use it alone in a bowl or on the beanbag for easy froggy posing.  Material is not waterproof, so not recommended for use without a diaper on baby!

    To achieve the perfect potato pose, we recommend using with The Potato Belt and The Ugly Wrap!

    Note: The Butt Halo will arrive un-filled, with an easy to use velcro closure on one side.  We recommend filling with about 6 pounds of rice or other dense filler such as poly-fil pellets.  Make sure to not over-stuff, leave a little room for the filler to move around so you don't pop a seam!


    Want to learn everything you need to know about using the Butt Halo?  Check out our learning community at www.newbornnerdsplus.com

    Handmade in the USA

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    Posing Aids