Sweet Little Box

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    Each box is packaged and shipped separately and shipping costs are charged accordingly, so shipping cannot be combined for additional orders.

    The Sweet Little Box is the perfect crate for newborns, sitters and toddlers. It features two thick and two thin sides.

    One of the thick sides will be more distressed, so you get two different looks. The distressed side will have knots, cracks, scrapes, and possibly even small holes in the wood. Dark wax sticks to these and to the woodgrain to make each box unique. Each one of a kind box is handmade with love and might have some minor "imperfections".

    These were designed to be exact matches to our seamless paper line (the distressed side may look darker/dirtier but will still give you a nice monochromatic look).

    Your Sweet Little Box will fit neatly within a cubic foot of space. We're not going to give out the exact dimensions, so please don't ask. 

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